Dangerous tiger attack live this Animal Attack Video Will Shock You


Dangerous tiger attack live this Animal Attack Video Will Shock You

Tiger attacks have caused more deaths than any other big cat attacks. Tiger is known to be a fierce and dangerous animal that needs extra caution to handle. In this particular video, a tiger attacks man in car after what appears to be a tiger-release mission. A game warden trying to release the tiger while he is inside the car, and with the tiger locked in a cage at the rear of a pickup track. Dumb move, right? Yeah, that’s what I thought too.

It all started when the man tried to hit the tiger in an effort to make it leave the cage. The tiger didn’t take this act kindly, and it decided to teach the man a lesson of a lifetime. The animal that seems to have been angered by the whole spectacle broke free from the cage and attacked the man on the front seat through the window. The video clearly shows one of the worst animal attacks I’ve ever seen, and was probably captured by the best digital camera with hd video. The warden never knew what’s coming, until the tiger got to him in a flash, like Bam!’ He didn’t even get time to shut the windows.

When the tiger jumped onto the window and grabbed the man with its claws. That’s when he thought he’s over. For a moment, he thought of giving up, but then he started fighting back. He fought back with lethal kicks, hitting the animal on the head and abdomen. He didn’t give the animal even the slightest chance to carry out its wicked plans. For a moment I thought they were in a fighting ring. The tiger was also fighting and tearing the man’s flesh with its claws, but eventually it lost the fight, running off into the bush. But the man has his lesson to learn too. You don’t go around messing with the bad boys. They will chase you back, and you will come back running.

Incidences like this have become so common, with people dying in the hands of deadly animals. Even though the man was lucky to be alive, he sustained injuries and blood could be seen oozing at the end of the video. It seems that with the help of his colleagues, they managed to chase off the wild animal deep into the forest before they could have a chance to attend to man down’. This is the kind of video that should contain a warning for the audience not to try doing what the man did. Be warned, never to try this at home.[mashvideo]

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