This Film Stunt Did Not Go Over Well with Concerned Londoners


This Film Stunt Did Not Go Over Well with Concerned Londoners

A stunt crew working on the filming of Jackie Chan’s new movie, ” The Foreigner”, caused outrage yesterday amongst some Londoners who witnessed the explosion of a double-decker bus on the Lambeth Bridge. Although the fire department was standing by to put out the blaze, many people expressed worry and anger that the public had not been informed of the stunt. Several posts on social networking sites confirmed that many first thought the blaze was caused by a terrorist attack upon witnessing it. Then later thought that considering the threat level in the capital right now, the film crew and proper authorities should have made the fact that the stunt was going to occur more widely known.

Lambeth Bridge sits in full view of all of London, so in light of the recent terrorist attack on Paris and the tragedy it left in its wake, it is extremely unsurprising that the public jumped to conclusions after witnessing a large explosion in the middle of one of their beloved landmarks. It took many people, including the fire department and well known politicians, to ease many Londoners concerns of terrorism. Upon finding out that the explosion was only a stunt, London responded with anger and remarks of insensitivity directed towards the film crew. Many spoke openly regarding the sensibility behind performing such an attention drawing stunt without informing the public. Of course it was bound to make people panic.

Although the explosion is sure to add much character and excitement to Jackie Chan’s film, we can only hope that London will not be subjected to anymore of the film crew’s desires to detonate explosions, at least not without prior warning. In that respect, hopefully, if there is a next time, the people of London will at least be invited to come and watch the fireworks.

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