This gun can stop small rogue drones without destroying them


This gun can stop small rogue drones without destroying them

The utilization of drones over private residential areas and property has elicited discussions and debates from citizens and lawmakers. The central issue of concern in these discussions has to do with privacy and safety. As the government works to formulate regulations governing the use of drones, people have taken matters into their hands. Instances, where owners have shot down drones with guns, are not unheard of and are unfortunately prosecutable by law based on established property right laws.

Fortunately, researchers have come up with the perfect way to handle pesky drones. The counter drone mechanism, known as Drone Defender from a US research company, Battelle, is a rifle weighing about 10 pounds. It works by releasing electromagnetic waves that disable a drone. The waves can effectively target drone that as far away as 400 meters. The electromagnetic energy utilized by the product tunes in to conventional GPS and ISM frequencies that controllers use to operate the drones. Although the technology adopted for the device has been in existence for a while, the Drone Defender is the first portable gadget available in the market.

While the product is not yet available for sale to private citizens, the research company responsible for the device claims that the rifle was created primarily for military use and security use. Police officers and security firms will benefit from its production because it is easy to operate. The need for counter-drone technology has increased steadily in the past years because security has become an issue for grave concern. In a few years, the technology might be readily available for citizens because of a lack of clear authority that governs ownership of the invention. In the wake of the invention, it will be interesting to see how the government handles the purchase of the product in the future.[mashvideo]

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