This Incredible Scientific Discovery Will Blow Your Mind


This Incredible Scientific Discovery Will Blow Your Mind

Have you ever wondered what our future would be? We are growing fast with the latest technical advancements. What if virtual hands can move things without even touching them? You must be thinking what we are talking about. But we know the possibilities and we simply cannot stop wondering after seeing inform. You may be thinking what is this inFORM.

It is a Dynamic Shape Display that is a complex yet creative form of 3d technology that enables users to interact with digital information in a tangible way. It can also act together with the physical world, for example moving a ball or something else on the surface of a table.


Source: MIT Media Lab – Tangible Media Group

Some brilliant Tech geeks from MIT Media Lab have created this brilliant masterpiece. The team is currently working on number of applications in order to expand the utilization and usefulness of this great idea. These people are now working on Geospatial data such as GIS, maps, terrain models and different architectural models. It will help the planners and the architects to understand the design in better way after having 3D designs of the objects.

inFORM is a step towards the future material Radical Atoms . Radical Atoms is considered as a future of interaction between man and material.

This is something that has blown our mind.

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