This Lion and Man Have The Most Adorable Friendship Ever


This Lion and Man Have The Most Adorable Friendship Ever

Children often love to visit zoo, they feel animals as their friend. Most of the times children wish to take the wild animals of zoo at their homes. Researches state that children have an emotional bond of love, care and affection with the animals. They feel to offer secure environment to the wild ones. While visiting the zoo, the most amazing wild animal is loin. Children love to hear his roar. So, imagine what would be the scene if you get a moment to cuddle with a loin. Yeah! It seems like a joke but the fact we have presented below will surely damn your eyes.tiget-friend1

Valentin Gruener is the one who has won a great popularity with his courageous task of cuddling with a loin. The man is known all over the world for his affectionate and loving relations with a young and highly beautiful lioness. The man never wanted to state this fact officially as he thought public would make fun of this. However; their relationship has now become media spectacle. We are sure to reveal that their friendship is unlike any one has before. Right from the childhood, we’ve been taught by the guardians about certain boundaries among human and wild animals, but their friendship has truly transcended those boundaries.friend-with-tiger2

You would be amazed to know that Sirga, the lioness never got the chance to learn how to hunt in order to find perfect food. So, such characteristics reveal that she is a perfect pet, and is unaware of all the wild activities. Gruener was the one who taught her hunting techniques. The man spent a lot of hours in laying down in wild brush and leaping into water in order to make his friend ‘Sirga’ aware of the hunting techniques.


Now you should check out how patiently the duo waits for the their time. When Gruener was asked about this he said, ‘I’ve spent a great time with her, and can never even think of losing my buddy. The day when she brought her first antelope, it was really emotion for me to handle it. I can say, that day was the most amazing one’. Gruener taught her such techniques in order to make sure his dear friend would one day be able to survive in the wild world.
With efficient learning, she finally did it! One fine day, the lioness caught a toad in her mouth, at the moment she was greatly boosted. She didn’t eat it, but she brought it to Gruener in order to thank him for the lessons.


With all such great task, she wanted to celebrate her success. Gruener told media that whenever Sirga wishes to have fun, she keeps on moving round and round towards him. This becomes an indication for the man to leave all the stuff and celebrate with his buddy. This is truly amazing. Hats off!! to such incredible friendship. People who understand the emotions and needs of animals are believed to have a godly spirit. Some renowned banners have even decided to produce a documentary based on the incredible relationship between Gruener and his buddy ‘Sirga’.


Not only a friend but Gruener is also an efficient caretaker. The man hires highly professional and skilled veterinarian administrator for Sirga.


Awwww!! They are too cute to handle. Doesn’t it seems like Sirga is just a beautiful house cat.


Gruener strongly believes that with all his training, his buddy ‘Sirga’ will someday be able to survive perfectly in the wild. He also hopes, she will soon be skilled about to start her own family.

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