This Reddit user built his nephew a sit-in Sandbox! How cool is that!

Making magnificent mud castles has been everyone’s favourite childhood pastime. And while for many teens the ‘fun’ has moved ‘online’, there are many others who would still do anything to have an hour in the sandbox giving shape to their dream world. So when a Reddit user, who goes by the name ‘rionled’, found such a sandbox selling online, he decided to give a shot at building it himself. Thus, what to anyone would look like a boring wooden box on his lawn, actually turned out to be a sit-in sandpit.


Made using just some decking timber, screws, hinges, tape and some paint, this sandpit is absolutely unique in the manner that it comes with a covering lid for the times that the sand-pit is not in use. Surely saves the maid some time and trouble in cleaning up the cat’s dirt. Whoever said innovations could only come up in a science laboratory!


The user has posted a Do It Yourself(DIY) series with precise dimensions for the piece and photographs for each particular step on Imgur. Starting with a basic rectangular base frame, he added the benches and then hinged panels on both sides, which serve as the back of seating benches and also function as the lid. What’s more, all this was done using just household tools like a drill, a drop saw and a spray gun. While the original design does not have a wooden base, users on Reddit called for the addition of a wooden bottom to avoid making the sandbox a perfect home for bugs and spiders.


Done with quite the workman’s accuracy (due to the shortage of wood), this sandbox was certainly well-received by his nephew (as a photo on Imgur shows) as well as Reddit, where it went viral. This is a gift that would give the kid some really fond memories for life and is certainly a model worth emulating for anyone. Kudos rionled!