This time the mermaid story may will be true


This time the mermaid story may will be true

In February, 2015 a video supposedly belonging to Animal Planet and Discovery Channels showed a scaly stretched arm with webbed fingers caught in the fishing net. The deep sea fishermen on the video presumed it to be a mermaid. The frantic pleas of the creature prompted them to drop it back in water.

So do mermaids exist or not? Neither of the two channels have admitted the existence of mermaids, but now and then, there are sightings, and supposed carcasses of mermaids. However, none of the divers have ever come into contact with these legendary creatures, forcing authorities to conclude that they don’t exist. But some of the oceanologists have reported strange audio recordings and even images of creature with features resembling humans on their deep sea cameras suggesting possible existence of mermaids.

mermaid story

True story of Mermaids

There is something about the February 2015 that is questionable. Logically the fishermen and oceanologists on the vessel would have been delighted to confirm to the world that mermaids exist, and as a proof of their claim, they would have brought the creature back to the land or at least let it be in their fishing net while they took more pictures. They would have frantically called other researchers who would have rushed to the co-ordinates. But instead the fishermen let go of their catch and possibility of fame. Does it make sense?

Morphing and making authentic looking models is not very difficult these days. Dinosaurs were recreated for films with molded latex skins covering the mechanical animal. Most of the mermaid films on YouTube, DailyMotion and like site do not offer clear pictures. What stopped people to from getting better pictures with high resolution cameras in 2015?

For starters, hair is a disturbing characteristic that is attributed to mermaids. It is essentially a characteristic of terrestrial animals. Long hair in deep seas would be a hindrance as it would get entangled in corals and other sea plants. Surely nature is smarter than that. So those blondes and brunette mermaids are almost certainly pranks.

Now think of arms and the movements of mermaid. Compare it with air craft. If mermaids did exist they would need muscular shoulders and a strong but thin muscular film on either side linking their arms to their body, pretty much like the fish’s fins. They would then use the shoulder movements to push water behind, like the aircraft uses wings and parts of wings to propel itself forward or in any direction. Having slender webbed hands are hardly going to be sufficient for its survival in deep seas, especially if it has to move fast. They would be useful, if mermaids were paddling around and not swimming. Two arms only for movement? In that depth of water? How much is water’s weight above it?

Having said that it is a bit surprising that almost all mythologies and legendary tales, both eastern and western have mentioned these creatures. Perhaps travelers like Marco Polo, and Ibn Batuta were responsible for the stories migrating and acquiring local features. If mermaid did exist, they may have resembled Medusa. Perhaps they are extinct. Recent sightings, therefore, hold no water and are just pranks as usual.

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