Tiger Saves Zookeeper From Leopard


Tiger Saves Zookeeper From Leopard

Tiger Saves Zookeeper From Leopard

Did you know that a leopard is prone to vagrant than any tiger? Well, that true, but blame the animal’s adaptive nature as well as its constant conflict with a much superior carnivore, the tiger, lions and even hyena. Which is why man-leopard conflict is a little bit awkward than the man to tiger conflict as evident from a viral YouTube video posted a while ago attracting hundreds of thousands of views.

In the incredible clip a man identified as Eduardo Serio, is hanging out with several big cats. He is seen rubbing on the belly of the lion, seemly enjoying itself. So, this dude seems to be probably on good terms with all the cats, but apparently the relationship with the leopard doesn’t seem to be good, you can see the leopard far away from the group of other big cats having fun. If anything, I am thinking the leopard is just a little jealous of the belly rubbing moment.

Moments after, the video captures the leopard creeping up behind a tiger preparing it move to pounce and attack the man. The fun action becomes more dramatic turn when the big cat suddenly sprinting toward Mr. Serio, but just before it gets to him, a tiger springs into action. The tiger charges at the leopard and preventing the zookeeper who could have possibly been mauled.

Serio turns around to find the tiger’s firm grip on the leopard as it tries to get loose. The leopard reaches a paw on the zookeeper’s leg, but a slap for both animals shows who is the master.

Although a number of people have commented on the video that it’s was unlikely that the tiger was actually trying to save the man, this is an ordinary observation of a leopard man relationship.

This clip which is believed to have been filmed in 2015 has been viewed over 2,500,000 times according to the Huffington Post. [mashvideo]

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