Time Lapse Video Of Beipanjiang Bridge World Highest Bridge


Watch The Time Lapse Video Of Beipanjiang Bridge World Highest Bridge Hovering Above Chinese Sky

Time Lapse Video Of Beipanjiang Bridge World Highest Bridge

Take a look at the time lapse video in YouTube of the world’s highest bridge in China to witness an engineering feat hovering above the clouds. This bridge should clearly join the ranks of Hoover dam when it comes to greatest achievements of the present age.

The two worlds I am talking about are the Liupanshui in Guizhou and Xuanwei in Yunnan. You need to watch the time lapse video to realize that these two places are practically two different worlds. Between Liupanshui and Xuanwei there is more than 1,000 feet gorge.

The gorge is so deep and the elevation high and steep that when you are on the bridge you get the feeling that you are flying on a monster space ship from the future. Lying on either side, the two regions look like two giants carrying a long pole on their shoulders.

China is a beautiful country with scenic places that attracts tourists from all over the world. Beipanjiang allows you to get a taste of Chinese beauty from an aerial point of view. The amazing thing with this kind of view is that your eyes can scan a wider area in minutes. A look at the complete structure makes you wonder how human beings with a average height of around 5 feet, can build an enormous giant 1,000 feet high.

Time Lapse Video Of Beipanjiang Bridge World Highest Bridge

Building bridges has been used by man historically to conquer terrains by connecting two regions separated by valleys, rivers, and even lakes. However, technology has changed over time. Modern bridges take into account various factors weight, structure, stability, and resistance to climatic changes. For instance, this bridge is an example of a suspension bridge. Suspension bridges are common around the world because they can withstand strong winds. Judging by the height of this monster, wind should be a factor that any engineer considers seriously.

Chances that you will visit the bridge might be next to zero. However, this does not mean that you can’t enjoy the splendid view and perhaps witness the construction in an incredible time lapse. The video essentially gives you an amazing show of the last phase of the bridge construction.

Suspension bridges are often built from both ends. The two ends are supposed to meet somewhere at the center. This is in fact another incredible engineering genius. This is because the calculations should be perfect and precise to allow the two section to fit. A few feet off can actually lead to a huge engineering problem that can be difficult to solve.

Time Lapse Video Of Beipanjiang Bridge World Highest Bridge

When watching the clip you can be forgiven for assuming that the last section lasted less than 48 hours. However, the effect has been used to allow you to witness the amazing things that happen during construction of such monster structures.

The scene is like something from a sci fi movie involving the use of time machines. You get to see clouds cruising fast that you get the feeling that the bridge might be knocked down any minute.

As the engineers move mega structures you realize how tiny they look against the monster pieces that are supposed to join the two sections. I bet anyone traveling the bridge once it opens to traffic, will want to stop the car for a minute and just look down to appreciate the amazing feat. [mashvideo]

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