Top 10 Shocking Banned Advertisements


10 Shocking Banned Advertisements that caused controversy

Advertisements are the important source to create awareness about the latest news and also for the new products around the market. It gives us the brief knowledge about the subject in just 2 or 3 minutes with innovative and appealing structure but down the line, in the history.

There were some advertisements that caused controversies about the idea of ad companies wanted to share with the world. These ads were telecast within the masses and some of them were banned from the broadcast as they held divided opinions.

Top 10 banned advertisements

1. Battered Baby 

The campaign which was started against human for animals had a tagline “Don’t treat others the way you don’t want to be treated”. This campaign had a great idea to show the cruelty of humans which they have against animals. It went all wrong with the picture of a seal holding a bloody club in its mouth and a battered baby with blood coming from its head as their entitled picture.

2. Ford

There were new laws approved by the government of India in order to punish those who committed sex crimes which make it more lethal towards the convicts. Days later, a new ad rolled out in the market which was made by Ford, an automobile company which went against them. The ad showed women bound and gagged in the back of the Ford vehicle with a male driver having a smile on his face while holding up a peace sign. It was later discovered that this ad bypassed the normal advertisement review process that India required and created outrage among the masses.

3. Unhate

United Colours of Benetton started a new campaign with a motto of “Unhate”. The company used the photo editing skills in which they showed powerful leaders of the world in an act of solidarity. It got wild when the picture of Pope Benedict XVI kissing Grand Imam Ahmed el-Tayed was released. United Colours of Benetton also received a stern warning from the Vatican City.

4. Fur Trim

Peta used Supermodel Joanna Krupa in the ad which was against the fur trimming of the animals. It is Nobel cause but the image which was used created a lot of controversies. In the picture, there were the big clumps of fur peeking from underneath her underwear to encourage customers not to wear clothing that contained fur trim.

5. Dunkin Donuts

The ad was released by one of the franchises of Dunkin Donuts in Thailand which was against racism in conjunction with its new Charcoal Donuts. The ad shows a woman with bright pink lips with a black face which affected the Human rights groups in America in comparison to the people in Thailand as they use racial stereotypes as the theme of its campaigns.

6. Anti-Smoking

Smoking is the sole reason for millions of deaths per year around the world and ad agencies keep on reminding this to the consumers with their featured ads. In 2010, a French company released the image of a man standing in front of a teenager on her knees with a cigarette between her lips. What created the outrage, is the placement of the cigarette which was disturbing.

7. Teen pregnancy

The ad was rolled out under a New York City clinic’s campaign in which they have used a different approach to making the teenage girls aware of putting the picture of the babies alongside quotes pertaining to the cost of parenting. The reason to take them down was in one ad it was suggested that the fathers of babies will always leave the teenage mother behind which was thought to be insensitive.

8. A good Time

Campaign was started under Drive Dry in which they have started an initiative to encourage male drivers not to drink and drive. To go beyond the imagination they had shown the consequences of life behind the bars with a bunch of burly men instead of showing pictures of car accidents and wrecked vehicles. It created the awareness but had different opinions.

9. Bloomingdale’s

The controversy was started with a picture of a woman who was looking away and a man staring at her. They also put a caption “Spike your best friend’s eggnog when they are not looking”. This was the ad which was released under their holiday campaign and blasted for alluding to date rape. They have issued an apology and fesses up to their mistake.

10. American Apparel

The ad campaign which grabbed everyone’s attention with it’s not safe for work and exploitive ads. One ad was released with a man standing against the wall and there are a woman’s legs in the air which was related to selling clothes or sex.


Source: TheTalko

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