Top 10 torture devices,Warning this might shock you


Top 10 medieval torture devices

Penology classes offer a deep insight into the ancient methods that were used to counteract bad behavior. There were many instruments of torture used in the medieval times and each varies with the country and crime. Here is a list of the worst ever ways to die and the medieval methods of torture invented in ancient history to punish offenders.

10. Brazen bull

Brazen bull

Also known as the Silician bull, this method of torture was invented in ancient Greece. The bull was made of brass. The victim of torture was placed in the bull and the brass bull was heated to red hot. The bull was designed to make bellowing sounds as the victim screamed in pain. This method of tortured ensured that the victim was roasted to death.

9. Impalement


This roman method of execution was favored by Vlad the Impaler thus the name, Impalement. The victim would sit on a sharp pole which was then raised so that the victim would slide down with gravity. The victim would take days to die and it was rumored that Vlad would enjoy his meal as he tortured his victims

8. Neck torture

Neck torture

This method of torture would punish the victim by making them stay in an uncomfortable position with a neck device. The neck device hooked on the victim would prevent him from adjusting to a comfortable position. The cruelty lay in the fact that the torture victim would stay in the position for days.

7. Lead sprinkler

Lead sprinkler
This was one of the worst instruments of torture ever invented. It would be filled with boiling water or oil, or molten lead and sprayed into the victim’s eyes or other body parts.

6. Head crusher

head crusher
This was a medieval device used to crush heads as the name suggests. The method of torture was used to make victims confess and eventually kill them. There are other variations of the same such as the thumbscrew used on the toes and fingers.

5. Guillotine

This method of torture was considered the most humane and was preferred as an execution method for ancient death penalty. The Guillotine in list of torture devices was also very simple and quick, known for it’s part in French revolution. It was made of a very sharp blade attached to a rope. The victim would die of decapitation. Human rights activists advocated for it as it was instantaneous.

4. The rack

The rack
This was one cruel method of torture, and inhumane torture devices as the victim would lay on the rack and his limbs would be stretched until they dislocated.

3. The breast ripper

medieval female torture devices
Women were often not subjects of torture but in some cultures, there were medieval female torture devices designed just for them. The breast ripper is an instrument of torture that was used as a claw to pierce the breast and cause death by loss of blood. The claw would be placed in heat and the red hot spikes used to penetrate the breast thus leading to agonizing pain.

2. Flaying

Flaying was a medieval method of execution where the victim would be skinned alive. Used mainly by Assyrians, the torturers would skin their victims slowly and painfully leading to their death.

1. Lingchi

This literally translates to death by a thousand cuts. Originally from China, this is one of the most brutal of Chinese execution methods reserved only for the harshest crime. The victim would die as a result of flesh being cut gradually from his body using a sharp knife.

The above mentioned medieval torture devices, and there methods are some of the worst ways to die. In the history of torture, these methods were the most callous. In the world today, the disciplines of execution above are a violation of human rights and cannot be exercised.

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