Weird cars, see the list to get amazed



Imagine driving in the street and everyone is looking at you or your car like, what the hell is this, or where did this come from….

There are several weird and funny looking cars in the world, but here are the top 10 weirdest cars of all time:

weird cars

The BMW 4219Eli has to be the weirdest cars of all time. The car has 42 wheels and 19 engines. You can imagine the horsepower? Bolt! And the most funniest thing is that it was conceptualized by a 4-year-old called Eli thus the car name.

Next on the list, is the flying car. I wonder what the creator was thinking when building the VZ 9A Avrocar. This flying car looks like a discus or an alien spaceship! Maybe a top secret flying saucer meant for the US Air Force…

The street replica of Batman’s vehicle in the movie Batman Returns can’t miss on the top 10 weirdest cars – The Real Life Bat-mobile Tumbler, even though it can’t fly…

Also, the 1951 Italcorsca / Tarf II is another weird yet classic car because of its stunning look, design, and also because it was a speed record car in the 50s, and was nicknamed ‘the twin torpedo.’

Another weird car is the Big Foot – Fiat Panda 4×4 Monster Truck, which was created for a TV commercial then it disappeared off the market in a puff of smoke. Now you see me, now you don’t!

How can I forget the 1967 OSI Silver Fox Prototype created by the Italians – another classic car. Hot wheels. Maybe automobile manufacturers today need to revisit such extraordinary design concepts. So, outside of the box!

Why the hell would you need a Zombie Proof Maybach vehicle? The flesh-eating living dead don’t actually exist, or do they? Then we need to get ready for the Zombie Apocalypse – ‘walkers’…

The Honda UX3, has to be the most interesting car on this list. A self-balancing one-wheeled electric vehicle designed for personal transport. The future is here!

Then we have the SUV bicycle, the Green Hummer Project. A simple, non-polluting vehicle with no tinted windows though its size is like that of a Hummer H2. An eco-friendly SUV you can pedal!

Lastly, we have the Herzog Conte Schwimmwagen, built by the German manufacturer Herzog in 1979. I mean, is this a car or a boat? This has to be among the ugliest cars and was actually regarded as a ‘floating’ car since it could steer on land at 100 mph, and on water powered by the rear propellers.

All these are interesting and weird cars that I’m certain anybody would die to see on the street if not on a museum display somewhere.


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