Top 10 Worst Teachers, You Would Not Believe


Top 10 Worst Teachers, You Would Not Believe :

Teachers are considered to be our second parents from whom we get all the learning and a stepping stone for our bright future. They have a special place in our life and we look up to them as our idol. Parents feel safe when they send their children to school as they know somebody is there to look after them and they are into good hands but every time things doesn’t go with your expectations.

There are certain cases in which teachers turned up against the students and things happened which are not even imaginable. There is the list of top 10 worst teachers around the world in which they betrayed the trust of the students.

Vandalizing a student’s car –

Edward Kenley was a respected teacher at Southbury school till the day he was arrested for vandalizing a student’s car in the parking lot. Student name was not disclosed but he parked his car at the spot which was reserved for Mr. Kenley and instead of walking up to the administration, Mr. Kenley decided to go beyond the limits with the frustration and was arrested by the local authorities on a charge of the second degree and a fine of 500 dollars.

Sets School on Fire –

A Teacher whose name was not disclosed to keep some privacy but was arrested for firing up his own school dormitory which cost thousands of dollars. The incident occurred at Keringet Secondary School in Kenya and according to the local police, the teacher was detained for inciting the students to burn the school.

Hit a 13-year-old girl –

The incident took place in The Independent Day School in Middlefield when a 13-year-old girl poked her teacher in a sarcastic way in the running session of the class. The teacher asked his students to circle up and the student replied “You mean square up” which hit the chords of the teacher and he hit a punch on the head of the student, which made her fall backward.

Giving a student a phone to send nudes –

Another teacher who was arrested for giving a student a smartphone with an application to turn your clicked images into nudes. He gave the phone to the female students and change the pictures into nudes by himself. Assaulted for conducting private chats and lunch with female students and also for providing a cake which was mixed with marijuana.

Assaulting an Autistic student –

Britney was arrested for assaulting an autistic student in between a class in which she picked him from his hands and threw him from a story height in the hallway. The Police had been called immediately after the incident and the student was injured with the bruises all over his body.

Sent a personal sex tape to a student –

Charlaine Lee Wilson is a married 33-year old teacher at Selma High School who was arrested for sending personal sex tape to the 14-year old student and has been charged with the 2nd-degree rape case. She also sent a solo sex tape to an under-age student which was published in social media and seen by thousands across the state.

Hitting a Toddler –

Another teacher was arrested in Miami for showing her cruelty on little toddlers after being seen on the tape. The surveillance tape was released in which the teacher can be seen beating many toddlers and another case in which the parents went to pick-up their child, they saw the same teacher slapping another toddler and they also reported the case.

Filmed girls changing –

Jared Jones was a teacher in National Elementary School, who was accused of filming more than 50 girls who were changing in their closet. These films and 1000 of pictures of girls were found on his hard drive and the teacher was arrested for two different charges.

Having Sex with a special needs student –

Theresa Marie Ramirez a 35-year old teacher was arrested for having sex with an underage student with special needs. It all started in 2015 when the same student informed another teacher about the situation and she informed the local police before the arrest. She was charged rape and providing alcohol to minors.

Exposes the student to HIV –

John Connor is a 27-year-old teacher, who was arrested for sex exploitation and exposing students to HIV. Police informed that John had several personal meetings with the students and had unprotected sex which led to HIV and was sharing nudes from a long time.


Source: MostAmazingTop10

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