Top Gear Stunt Leaves Richard Hammond Needing The Bathroom


Top Gear Stunt Leaves Richard Hammond Needing The Bathroom

Didn’t you love those old car adverts? You know the ones that had cars doing insane things like getting dropped out of the back of a plane and touching down on the ground without a problem? Or the one that had the car go off the top of a multi-floor car park and somehow amazingly land safely in the street below?

Those advertisements were great and many different manufacturers used them to make you think about their humble family cars in a whole new light. Land Rover was no exception and like all other car makers they used television commercials to enhance their image.

However, Land Rover has always had a reputation as makers of cars with a difference. When it came to car advertisements Land Rover had to emphasize its image as a maker of vehicles suitable for the drivers needing a vehicle for outdoors activity and sports related activities.

With their penchant for risky, and frankly ridiculous, stunts it was surely only a matter of time before the presenters from Top Gear decided to recreate one of these adverts. Richard Hammond was the presenter with the crazy task of recreating the chosen Land Rover advertisement and bettering it by actually executing the stunt instead of faking it the way the ad had done.

The advertisement they chose was one in which a Land Rover Defender climbs the side of a dam to get from the bottom to the top at a near vertical angle. For the recreation, a 64-year old Defender was hooked up to the top of the Claerwen Dam in Wales using a winch. With Richard Hammond strapped into the driver’s seat, the winch was activated and began to move the vehicle up and up the steep side of the dam.

All seemed to be going well until the vehicle was almost halfway up the wall. At this point, Hammond realizes that the front wheels of the car are coming away from the wall and the winch is struggling with the weight of the car, two engines (one extra to operate the winch) and also the weight of the retracted cable. It is at this point that Hammond begins to look genuinely worried and fears for his safety. With no other alternative, he is forced to remain inside the vehicle and continue the stunt.

As the car nears the top of the dam Hammond begins to relax and believe that he and the production crew have achieved something by scaling the side of the dam in the Land Rover. However, it is not to be his day. Due to the placement of the winch hook, the vehicle is unable to go over the top… and instead it, and Hammond, have to be lowered down the way they came up.

Top marks for effort, though!!! [mashvideo]

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