Most Unusual and Mysterious Places In The World

Our planet is the home of thousands of mysterious places that surprise millions of people. Still there are some places that remain secret and yet to be discovered. Media24by7 has brought a list of such interesting places that you probably don’t know. Here you will also read about the scientific conclusions for such mysterious signs that people found at these places. mysterious places in the world

Yongbyon Nuclear Scientific Research Center: 

The Yongbyon Nuclear Scientific Center is located in northern region of Korea. It is perhaps the most secret place in the world. No foreigner is allowed to enter to this center. The center was constructed in 1979. Here in the center, all the major nuclear services are kept hidden from the world. According to the reports, the center was closed in 1994 due to an agreement between North Korea and the United States.

Mysterious Places In The World

Yongbyon Nuclear Scientific Research Center

Longyearbyen, Norway: 

Facts state that from April 20 to august 23, sun never sets over the Longyearbyen Svalbard. We can call it a miracle, but it is truth. Such phenomenon always confuses the localities and visitors. They are unable to predict weather it is a day, evening or mid night.

Mysterious Places In The World

Longyearbyen, Norway

External Flame Falls, Orchard Park New York:

The beautiful spot, Orchard Park is located in Newyork. You can see flickering golden flame sparkling with the flowing water. This flame is the mystery sign of the park. After long studies, scientists have concluded that this is nothing but a geological fault in the shale. This fault allows 1 kilogram of methane gas to escape throughout the surface.  This methane gas sparkles in form of golden flame.

Mysterious Places In The World

External Flame Falls, Orchard Park New York PC: The Weather Channel

Superstition Mountains mysterious places in the world

The superstition mountain is located in eastern parts of phoenix. Legends say  that a man named Jacob walts has discovered a huge gold mine within this mountain. These mountains were kept secret until his deathbed.  In spite of many expeditions, the gold mine was never found here. Some people say that the mountain is still haunted by the spirits of the people who were died searching the gold mine. Some legends feel that the entrance to the hell is located somewhere inside these mountains.

Mysterious Places In The World

Superstition Mountains

Lake Anjikuni mysterious places in the world

Lake Anjikuni provides the locale for the disappearance for an entire village. Legends say that in November 1930, a man named Joe Labelle was searching for shelter. Joe was familiar with the village, as he had previously visited the place. On his way, he found an eerie scene- everything except food and rifles were left behind. The villagers and their shelters were disappeared. After a long investigation, the police could only find the death bodies of seven sled dogs. Some people also say that they had seen strange patterns of light above the lake around the time of disappearance.

Mysterious Places In The World

Lake Anjikuni

Blood Falls, Antarctica:

The beautiful snow hills with the red blood waterfall. The spot is really weird and full of mystery. People are unable to predict the reason for such happening. Geologists say that the source of blood red water is the subterranean lake. The lake being rich in iron provides a red hue to the water. Some recent researchers say that, there are microorganisms living 1300 feet beneath the ice. These microbes are sustained by iron and they continuously sulfur in the water. This is the reason for blood red water fall.

Mysterious Places In The World

Blood Falls, Antarctica

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