Top Scariest Horror Movies Of All Time


Top Scariest Horror Movies Of All Time

Horror movies are loved all over the world. For all the passionate horror movie lovers, Media24by7 has collected a list of some real horror dramas of all time.

  • The Moth Diaries:themothdiaries

Media24by7 feels that if you’re the one who loves scary movies or the darkness but do not prefer gore or being too scared to sleep afterwards, we recommend The Moth Diaries for you. The movie would surely stumble on it in Netflix a few weeks ago and you would not be able to believe you have never heard of it before. The movie is superbly engrossing.

  • Exists:exists

Exists is an American psychological horror film released in 2010. The movie is scripted by Eric Espejo. Direction for the movie was also done by Eric. Eric starred, Devon Marie Burt, Phillip Roebuck, Josh Davidson and Frederick Cowie. Cameos were made by local Washingtonian celebs.

The story revolves around the concept when Brett Wilson conducts paranormal investigations. Brett has a famous television show that airs on a science fiction channel. Ghost hunting, as the idea has been dubbed, is demonstrated as the process of investigating locations that are defined to be haunted by abnormal activity that surely indicates the presence of harmful and anxious spirits .

The heart breaking Tragedy strikes when the man away along with his dear wife.  As the result of whole scene he questions the existence of the afterlife. He tries to make a lot of efforts to do well but his hearty guilt for not being there when she needed him most make him lost in mental depression.

As the man reflects on his priorities, he tries to shock those around him. The whole disastrous network threatens to sue him if he doesn’t provide a series finale. The real action and horror occurs when the poor guy agrees to take on the finale when he receives a strange and desperate call from a potential client who claims Brett’s wife is in his home.

  • The Pactpact

Initially the movie was expected to be a normal ghost movie. However, The pact has real creepy twist. The sequel for the movie just came out as well, so our horror loving readers can finish the first one and can immediately jump into the next horror part of the story.

  • The House of the Devilhouse of the devil

The trendy horror action drama ‘House of the Devil’ is being considered as one of the greatest horror films that have stunned the whole Hollywood. The idea for the film builds slowly like a classic horror movie and disastrous end is so terrifying and unexpected. One must surely watch House of devil.

  • The Honeymoon Killers
    the honeymoon killers

Honeymoon Killer is one of the most successful horror movie that is produced in very low budget in gritty black and white, Honeymoon Killers is based on the real facts about dangerous murderers Raymond Fernandez and Martha Beck. The duo murdered about 20 newly married couples in the year of late 1940s. They did it by luring the women through lonely hearts ads. The duo of murder often met via Email and got team up to fleece sad and desperate women. One can also consider it as one of the most twisted love stories of all time.

These are some of the most horror movies that you must watch. For more information stay tuned with Media24by7.

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