Top Ten Most Incredible Talents


Top Ten Most Incredible Talents

We are all good at something, but there are people who incredible abilities for a talent. From a man who can eat a metal to a woman who can literally bend into half, the world has is all. Take a seat and enjoy reading this list of men and women with unbelievable top talents.

1.Tu Jin-Sheng !This man’s talent is one of the most fascinating in the top 10 talents. Jin-Sheng can pull a track carrying people with his penis. Yes you heard me right. This 50 year old Tiwanese is a martial-art grandmaster of Iron Crotch. In 2005, he towed a track for several yards in a car park in Fremont with his genitals.

2.Miroslaw Magola!Also known as the Magnetic Man, he can defy the law of gravity. What this man can do has not been explained yet. He has this extraordinary ability to apply the power of psychokinesis to raise anything from marble to metal pans, transport them through the air, and affix them to his body, then create a force to keep them there.

3.Manjit Singh!Ironman as he is well known, this 57 year old does it all. He holds more than thirty world records that include lifting 85 kg load with his ears, pulling a jet with his ears, pulling a double-decker with his hair. In 2007 he pulled an aircraft weighing about 7.4 tones for 12 feet.

4.Julia Gunthel!This woman is undoubtedly the World’s Most Flexible woman. Julia, best known as Zlata, is a Kazakhstani and she can bend herself in half. She can fit is a box, wardrobe and do all sorts of crazy flexibility stunts that will leave your mouth agape.

5.Ru Anting!The 56 year old Chinese man has this extraordinary ability to shoot tears from his eyes. He swallows water and shoots it through his eyes and writes amazing calligraphy with his shot of tears. When he lost his job in 1990, he adopted this talent as new source of income and he loves his job.

6.Michel Lotito!This French entertainer is commonly referred to as Monsieur Mangetout (or Mister Eat-it-all). This man is famous for consuming the ingestible ranging from metal to glass, television. He cuts the up and swallow them whole. This talent found as a child and he has been performing since 1966.

7.Paul Oldfield!This is the world’s only flatulist, or farter. Also known as Mr. Methane, this professional farter’s talent came to light during a yoga practice with his sister. He discovered that he could take in air through his rear, retain the air and expel it when and as he chooses. He quit his job to to entertain people around the word with his fat tunes.

8.Claudio Pinto!This 48 year old Brazilian man has an amazing talent. He can pop both of his eyes 95 percent out of their sockets. He has been tested severally and doctors say that no similar talent has been recorded anywhere from anyone. He makes decent money with it.

9.Thai Ngoc!A sixty four year old Vietnamese farmer who is famously known for his sleeplessness. The man can survive just fine without sleep. A fever he contracted back in 1973 left his with an extraordinary ability that he has used well to his advantage.

10.Zhang Quan!A seventy year old man who can clap his hands as loud as a whirling helicopter blades. A clap measuring 107 decibels cannot miss out in a list of 10 top talents. The man has been warned that he can be arrested for noise pollution.[mashvideo]

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