Tornadoes Are The Most Dangerous And Beautiful


Tornadoes Are The Most Dangerous And Beautiful To Watch

Tornadoes Are The Most Dangerous And Beautiful

Everyone was expecting something big to occur. On May 7th many storms hit the area of Eastern Colorado. It certainly had a very bad effect. The strong storms were formed during early afternoon. Even thought the upslope flow was intense, the moisture and instability were quite perfect.

So many storm alerts were sent during this time to all residents. The storm interactions during the noon time created messy situations, forming numerous tail end supercell storms, a major reason behind the wildest weather condition of Colorado in recent times. It destroyed almost everything in its way.

Tornadoes are cool to watch but terrifying to see. Strom chasers will be eager to capture the beauty of disastrous storms. A cluster of tail end supercell storms hit the area of Ft Morgan early afternoon. It produced tornadoes along the warm region. Yet the southern tail end supercell storms bring the best air feed.

The tornado had intense suction forces. It’s more like a giant vacuum cleaner hose. Tornadoes could change their directions anytime without prior warnings. There could be terrible results to things in the beast’s path.

Later it was reported that a giant elephant like tornado appeared in the south of Wray. But it dried of quickly creating less damage. The storm that hit Colorado was a mixture of non supercell and supercell tornadoes.

Nearly half a dozen of it falls into this category. The final supercell tornado was the one with red debris close to the cloud base. The disastrous and beautiful Colorado tornados were well publicized in the video.

This is an incredibly magnificent scene behold. Watching tornadoes gives you a soothing feel but you almost forgot the fact that they are very deadly. In comparison with the other natural weather phenomenon, tornadoes are the least dangerous and beautiful to watch. [mashvideo]

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