Transformers: New Age of Automobile


Transformers: New Age of Automobile

Transformers New Age of Automobile

Transformer, when this word hit in the head, it strikes up probably all the characters from movie series transformers or one of the most popular real transformer ROBOKIA, made by Korean motor maker KIA Motor makers. They have firmly succeeded in building real time autobot. Transformers are always being oven-like topic since movie series started. It’s pretty exciting to see, the way modern science drawing out whole new portrait by challenging its limitations over and against. This autobots are all time hits in modern science as well in automotive industry.

Take a look at KIA Motor’s most famed project in this line. It’s so exciting to see, how ROBOKIA turning itself in autobot from solid SUV within seconds of time. Though, transformation was not like the one we have seen in movie series based on robots-aliens.

ROBOKIA strengthens this milestone amazingly. I mean look at the way they have made its physical existence straight from comics and some imagination. It’s probably the best in its class.

Mercedes also has came up with digital transformation. The project has gained enough focus around the world with its unique idea. Venture doesn’t include any cool transformation, though its noteworthy the way they have represented. Mercedes motor has briefed its digital transformation through rims of the automobiles. Rims of the car is seeming pretty stunning while crafting various images and portraits on rims with help of leds.

From this point of time, you can certainly predict lucid likeness of future of automotive industries. Other big boys in automotive industry, namely Nissan, Ex Machina, also have made stepping-stone in similar compass. Every time I think about transformers, fills me with astonishment. Transformers concept made long from comic book to real autobot. It will result as a hefty diversion in automotive concepts.

Transformers have now its own pace with spectacular possibilities in future. I wouldn’t be surprise, if in future I will sight similar kind of automobile on roads. It seems to being future trend. Transformers going to be literal transformation in future era of automobiles. They are so cool, mesmerizing, and most avid creations we have face off. Still I would like to say, endless possibilities lying behind this autobots. And will get unfolded so soon by the help of modern science.

It would be interesting to observe, who is coming up next with transformer and with its new dimensions. It will be so cool to own such creation. [mashvideo]

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