A Transgender woman marries a man of Bhubaneshwar


A Transgender woman marries a man of Bhubaneshwar:

We are in a society where the transgender community is not considered humans. They are treated with humiliation and considered a disgrace to the society. Why this difference? When we believe in the creation of God with such devotion, why can’t we accept the fact that they are God’s creations too? In India, where this topic is yet not discussed in open and looked down upon, a man named Vasudev of Bhubaneshwar; Odisha is breaking all the stereotypes.

A Transgender woman marries a man of Bhubaneshwar

A Transgender woman marries a man of Bhubaneshwar

While inter-caste marriages too are not welcomed in India, this man with a heart that is bolder than anyone else has created news by tying the knot with a transgender named Meghna.

It is by mutual consent that the ceremony took place like any other wedding. Odisha’s transgender woman Meghna expresses her gratitude to Vasudev for taking the boldest step any man in India has taken with pride.

Vasudev and Meghna accidentally met and their meetings bloomed into a romantic relationship. When Vasudev expressed his desire of marrying a transgender, the family refused initially. Later they had all agreed and sent a proposal for the wedding.

More than being called a wedding of love, it was a wedding that has opened the door for more such examples in future. Vasudev has set an example that India can’t forget. Transgender community present showed tremendous respect towards Vasu and didn’t stop themselves from dancing with hearts full of joy. Out of many people who attended the wedding, the Mayor of Bhubaneshwar, Anant Narayan Jena too was a part of this wedding. This news of transgender marries man should awaken the sleeping nation.

One of the relatives said, “It will give a message to the society and the entire nation that transgender can also get married”.

Even though a revolutionary judgment was passed by the Supreme Court of India three years ago in favor of the transgenders, there wasn’t much difference in the way they are treated in the society. This wedding and more in future can give them the equal status and dignity. [mashvideo]

Source: newindianexpress.com


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