True Facts About Fire Ants You Will Amazed


Interesting survival tactics of fire ants

Interesting survival tactics of fire ants

Charles Darwin must have meant business when he averred that only the fittest species could survive in this harsh and brutish world. A peek into the interesting world of fire ants reveals shocking details of survival techniques. Here is how these little organisms that exist in colonies are adapted to ensure their survival:

Surviving floods

Nothing threatens the survival of many species as floods. This is because floods are usually violent in nature and result in massive loss of lives and property. Even the strongest and the biggest of the animal kingdom can easily be swept away to their deaths by raging floods. Fire ants, when faced with such a danger, quickly form a tight giant ball that floats around as the floods gush downstream.

How they brave physical shocks

Fire ants have this astounding ability to form an elastic ball as a way of fending off any physical shocks. Consequently, it may not be easy to kill them by attempting to hit them with a stick. The stick would simply bounce back, having caused very little or no harm at all to the creatures. A similar scenario awaits one who tries to exterminate them by use of stones. You need something really heavy to crush them to death.

Warding off intrusive objects

A giant ball of fire ants will not allow anything to interfere with their routine.Any object smaller than the ball they have formed will not be enough to deter them from their path. When such an object happens to come their way, they simply turn into a gel.

The ants in the direct path of the object quickly give way and then reunite in the wake of the object.Fire Ants may be tiny, but they have learnt the true import of the sense of unity. Their shocking survival tactic: form a ball. Truly, unity is strength. [mashvideo]

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