Turkish F16 Glides lower over plane spotters


Turkish F16 Glides lower over plane spotters

There is nothing like almost being decapitated by A Fighter Jet for the plane spotters who witnessed the landing of the Turkish F16 Fighter jet . The F16 fighter jet which is single engine Multiple fighter aircraft first developed in the united states and famously known for its features such as bubble canopy for better control and side mountained for better view .Not forgetting that the F16 fighter jet also moves at high speed of 1500 mph .
The Airplane incredible landing on the airport was orchestrated by an airplane aviation specialist who graduated from turkishacademy in 2003 and later climbed the ladder to join cobra squadron as one of their F16 pilot . clearly showing that the pilot has had quite a lot of experience in the field of aviation fight ,
The pilot left all the plane spotters aghast with their mouth wide open as he did the unimaginable by carrying out the airplane landing nice and slow .A place where other pilots probably could not have avoided a Airplane crush .
This might even certify the pilot to flying one of the best cooperate jet aircraft since he showed his incredible experience and talent in the control of jets .What made the airplane landing video go viral in the social media sites was the fact that the plane spotters were able to witness ,it just over their heads . a rare incident indeed
This is set to have some impact in the airplane aviation field in Turkey, perhaps even setting up incredible airplane landing shows events. This will not only help showcase the hidden talents of many pilots but also be a major boost to the Aircraft insurance companies .It might also help attract tourist to the country and more so be established as a sport in the country
we sincerely give credit to the the pilot for showing that being a pilot is not only a professional job but a passionate hobby[mashvideo]

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