Amazing What This TV Reporter Does, Ruins The Trick Of This Fake Karate Master


Amazing What This TV Reporter Does, Ruins The Trick Of This Fake Karate Master

Have you ever asked yourself how can a martial arts master be so strong to demolish numerous bricks at once with a simple movement of his fingers? Maybe there is an ultimate power in his hands or bricks aren’t real bricks? I asked myself that question over and over again every time I see someone demolish more than ten bricks with his head.

I thought, this guy posses a super power that can’t be explained.

In this article you will have the answer to all of your questions regarding these martial arts masters.

Bruce Silva, a Shaolin Kung Fu Grandmaster, was invited to show his skills at a local TV show. Bricks and everything was already set, and he was ready to show his martial art skills.

The first obstacle was a brick that has to be broken with glass, but the glass should remain intact. A Kung Fu Master put his fingers inside the glass and broke the brick by a single touch. The glass remained intact.

It was pretty amazing until a TV reporter try to remove a glass to set a martial arts master for another scene, then something unusual happened. TV reporter broke a few bricks with a gentle touch. He was just curious are these bricks a real one, or just a fake one that makes a good illusion.

After that incident, the martial arts master was uncovered, but despite this he moved to another scene – he broke ten bricks with a gentle hit with his head.

It is a very interesting situation that shows the bricks used in this TV show were actually not a real brick and this Kung Fu master wasn’t an actual master but just a trickster.

What is your opinion of these martial artists who are able to break multiple bricks at once? Are they using a real brick, or it is just an illusion like this one. [mashvideo]

Source: Suboloc

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