UCLA gymnast Sophina DeJesus wows judges with hip hop inspired routine video goes viral


UCLA gymnast Sophina DeJesus wows judges with hip hop inspired routine video goes viral

Gymnastics is one of the most arresting and visually stimulating of all the athletic events. One of the college athletes who specializes in floor exercises is Sophinia DeJesus. She is the one of the stand out members of the UCLA Gymnastics team. She specializes on the floor exercises. It is one of the many options that DeJesus excels in. Her recent performance garnered millions of views after her routine at the Pac-12 Conference gymnastics meet went viral, in a recent performance before a packed crowdt A US gymnastics event includes various elements like floor exercises, balance beam, bars and others. In a recent floor exercise event, the Hip Hop routine by DeJesus was amazing.. It is just . It was part of performance in a spectacular met that played out in The UCLA athletic event house on February 9 2016..The UCLA gymnastics team involves many talented competitors including DeJesus.

In a recent event with UCLA versus Utah DeJesus did a phenomenal job of pleasing both the crowd and the judges.. DeJesus was involved in doing floor exercises against Utah where she showed her stuff, including triple jumps and floor exercises to a hip hop routine. anyone else. DeJesus’s score for Saturday’s routine, a 9.925 perfect score fr the gymnastics on floor version of the event. DeJesus did a hip hop routine that drove the crowd wild with her flips, struts and athleticism. The crowd was pleading for the gymnast to get a 10 on her crowd pleasing athletic event of gymnastics on the floor.

The crowd went wild as they urged the judges to give DeJesus a perfect score of 10. Her routine was spectacular with twists and flips, and those who follow gymnastics likely know that Dejesus deserved one. it is just one of the athletes that people can understand and know. DeJesus is clearly one of the individuals who deserved a perfect score.[mashvideo]

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