Ugliest Ever Existing Wedding Dresses


Ugliest Ever Existing Wedding Dresses

Ugliest Ever Existing Wedding Dresses
It is a rule for every girl getting married to look stunning on her wedding day. You must be the center of all attraction. It’s the only day the girls get a chance to be Cinderella in the ball for once. The wedding gown does all the magic.

Some girls somewhere choose to break the rule and be the normal Jane Doe on their wedding. It is an understatement to call them just Jane Doe. It should the Jane Doe from mars. It seems they care very little about their gowns turning out to be the ugly brides.

Several gowns in some occasions were spotted and it was unclear whether the bride got what she really wanted and was forced by necessity or maybe it was just her choice. Either way, the wedding dress bands were ugly not complementary to the groom wedding dress; check out the following list from the wedding dresses pics we gathered.

1. Flower field gown.

2. Stripper’s gown

3. Too wifey gown.

4. Balloon gown.

5. Pregnant belly gown.

6. Bright rainbow dress

These were just for the women; it does not leave out the gents. Some men seem to care so little about their wedding dress. In other societies where the groom is required to wear more or less like a dress piece like the Indian community, and it does not always turn out to be the best. Having a manly and stylish piece is very important for the grooms as it is easy to be confused as the bride or something even worse when you make one little mistake in your wedding dress.

For God’s sake, a wedding day is not just an ordinary day. It is a special day where you have to be your best. Take out the best pieces from the stores and make adjustments where necessary before the last minute. Your partner might say no because of your hilariously cut out wedding dress band.


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