UnderWater Temple Garden Pemuteran Bali


UnderWater Temple Garden Pemuteran Bali – The Modern Mystery

UnderWater Temple Garden Pemuteran Bali

You may think you’ve seen the underwater world and enjoyed all it has to present. But, until you discover the magic of the Underwater Temple Garden near Pemuteran Bali, you don’t know what you’re missing. Imagine diving surrounded by breathtaking statues built over a thousand years ago, rediscovering their ancient mysteries and the awe-inspiring allure.

A small coastal village called Pemuteran, just 50 kilometers west of Singaraja, Indonesia, in the town of Bali, is the site where the world’s attention turned to in 2010 after a gateway to an underwater temple was discovered. Following some research about the presumed archaeological discovery, it was concluded the underwater temple was a garden construction.

Various pictures and different stories circulated around this newly-found mystery, mostly claiming that an ancient Hindu Temple was discovered underwater, containing Buddha statues and other constructs. Although the origin of the constructs is dated back about a thousand years ago, the location was converted into a Temple Garden in 2005, in order to promote tourism.

UnderWater Temple Garden Pemuteran Bali

The ancient mystery of alleged statues of Ganesha, Buddha and other figures was somewhat debunked when it was revealed that Pemuteran Temple was not something ancient, but was actually built in 2005 as part of an environmental conservation program. Pemuteran diving experts used their superb skills to accomplish this engineering feat.

They carefully transported the full-size statues and pieces of constructs to form the Underwater Temple Garden, which they later on covered with various marine plants and other aquatic creatures to produce a genuine feel.The 30 meters deep site is a very popular diving location, attracting not only practitioners of the Gayantri Mantra and Buddhists, but also guests from all over the world. Using a sea rover and with the help of the locals with the diving equipment, many couples choose this Bali temple to get their marital vows renewed. [mashvideo]

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