USS Ranger: A story of a legend from War to Scrapyard


USS Ranger: A story of a legend from war to Scrapyard:

A video has been recorded from the air-based vehicle drone which took off from the flight deck of USS ranger for the last time. The drone was above the ranger throughout its journey towards the scrapyard which is in Brownsville and recorded the last sail of the legend.

USS ranger is one of the four Forrestal class supercarriers which was built to serve US navy in the 1950s. There is a list of all the warships which have been designated as USS Ranger and it is the 7th to be called one. The Ranger was the first built of the four which was commissioned.

She was built in 1957 and been recruited in the war. She spent most of the time in the Pacific Ocean during the Vietnam War. It was her first war to be the part of and gained 13 battle stars. She was loaded with high-tech machines and carried most deadly weapons of the time. She played a crucial role as she maintained the high line and helped US Navy to take useful actions during the war.

The USS Ranger also took part in a commemorative re-enactment of the Doolittle Raid which took place in Tokyo, Japan as a part of World War 2 50th anniversary commemorations.

This was held in the remembrance of all who took part and also for those who left us during the war. This event was held on April 21st, 1992 and carried in total 1500 guests who also include veterans.

Due to her popularity and history, Ranger also appeared in so many television series and famous Hollywood movies like Star Trek: The Voyage Home, Top Gun, Flight of the Intruder and more. In these movies, she was a part of many virtual and real wars and served the nation again.

She was decommissioned on July 10th, 1993 in which she served for total 36 years and in many battles. After being decommissioned, The USS Ranger foundation which is a non-profitable foundation submitted a proposal to Naval Sea systems command to donate the ranger. The foundation wanted to convert the ranger into a museum ship and all other facilities can be used in different ways and which can attract a lot of guests with the same interest in a warship. This proposal was made in September 2010, with the expected location to be in Fairview, Oregon. The Naval Sea ruled out any offers and in September 2012, they decided to scrap the USS Ranger.

The International Shipbreaking company, which is based in Brownsville, Texas took the responsibility to tow and scrap the Ranger. After the proposal was made, the job was agreed on 22nd December 2014 and International Shipbreaking Company was paid 1 cent for this job by US Navy. It is related to the internal affairs and the situation in which they decided to scrap the legend.

The history which she has, the foundation wanted to maintain this by converting this warship to a museum. There are so many warships around the world which are being part of tourist attractions and it is vibrant to walk through the decks of these ships. It gives another feeling to live through the moments in which soldiers have been through and sacrificed the lives. It was a different situation to deal with, as being part of so many famous battles and crew who spent most of the time while running on the Pacific Ocean, which is heart melting to watch. Different sections have different opinions about the proposal but it was maintained by the Navy Sea Systems.

The last ride, as it was towed from the Bremerton, Washington around South America, through the straits of Magellan and to Brownsville. The shoot was incomplete as they were unable to go via the Panama Canal because of the size of the ranger. The journey was started on March 5th, 2015, which took it 4 months and finally reached its destination on July 12th, 2015. The video was captured and has more than 4 minutes in which all the angles were shown during the memorable journey and a gift to those who were the part of this legend, The USS Ranger.


Source: LiveLeak Videos

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