Suffering From Vertigo? Simple and Effective Steps Recommended By Doctors


Suffering from vertigo? Try these simple and effective steps recommended by doctors

Vertigo is a sensation of feeling off balance and it is common these days and often caused by inner ear problem, brain or sensory nerve pathways. The dizziness is often related to the same feeling when you are standing way above the ground level and then you see downwards, it gives us the instant feeling that you are stuck and can’t even move from the position. As it is common and millions of Americans are suffering from the same condition but things will change as one doctor has found a quick at-home fix for it.

Dr Carol Foster, an American doctor developed a new and a quick way to treat vertigo. She uploaded her video to treat vertigo and she had 2.5 million views in the timeline.

She referred her treatment as “half-somersault manoeuvre” which had a great impact and treated millions across the globe. The reason behind the popularity is how simple the steps are to overcome the dizziness.

These are some simple steps; first, you just have to tip your head up towards the ceiling. Then take your head down in a movement that you are performing somersault and once in that position, look at your left elbow. While being at the position, wait for the dizziness to stop, then raise your head to back level. You can feel the dizziness has stopped again, sit back quickly.

This is the quick and the most efficient way to overcome the dizziness and this solution has changed their lives.

Sue Rickers is a patient of vertigo from years and she shared her experience as her vertigo was so debilitating that she couldn’t do anything except wait for the episode to pass. She also added that it was a scary experience as she was not able to walk, or couldn’t drive. As she was suffering from the same problem for years and it could even last for days.

On a fine day, Rickers found out about the video and gave it a shot. And surprisingly, it worked for her and worked for the first time. She also recommended the same video to others who were suffering from the same condition and since then it is going viral between millions.



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