What is The Buzz: Viral Video Of A Reckless Customer At Woolacotts Electronics


What is The Buzz: Viral Video Of A Reckless Customer At Woolacotts Electronics


Who would seriously believe that a customer could damage so many expensive televisions in one retail store? Such an act is nothing short of insanity, yet it did happened in South West of England on September 29, 2016. Simply weird, indeed and viral in social media.

The electronics store of Woolacotts is famous for selling modern and costly televisions in the city. But on September 29, out of the blues, a curious customer came for only three seconds but left after damaging more than $6, 000 worth of the television sets.

A surveillance camera did capture the act of this unidentified man who appeared to accidentally topple over four television sets at Woolacotts Electronics. He had knocked one of the T.Vs only to inspect it later on while crouching down. The video have became viral in social media.

When one television toppled over, it led to the tumbling of another T.V that also had fell over. This reckless customer seemed so shocked and stunned by what he did and what took place before him so much so that as he stood, he knocked over two more televisions on his way out. This incident later became a viral video across the web and in the news as well.

The staff employees of Woolacotts Electronics just could not believe what had happened and were left perplexed for sure. One employee was left to place the hands on his head as he went to the area where the mess had been created.

According to the store’s assistant Mike Collins, the store manager was quite upset and devastated and that he himself was in total shock respectively.

Never do we hear or see such sorts of incidents taking place at all . The damage caused by this reckless customer is just too much seeing the total worth of the televisions. One or two things may get knocked over unintentionally, yet this incident is one of its kind and will be remembered by many in the future as well. [mashvideo]

Source: HBH Woolacotts

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