Walking On Water May Be Impossible For You, But Not For These People


Walking On Water May Be ‘Impossible’ For You

How many of you have ever imagined someone walking on water? It is a impossible, right? But these people do not feel that walking on water is impossible. They say even a kid can do that if he wants to. Curious to know how it is possible? Now get ready to check out this group of people who are walking, jumping and even dancing on water.

We are sure that the video will encouraged you to host the perfect pool party. Why not? this is going to be a great surprise for your friends and family.

Now you know the trick. No? Let us tell you the actual scientific reason behind it. Those people were walking, dancing and jumping on 8,000 liters of oobleck. The combination of cornstarch and water is chemically termed as oobleck that is the only non Newtonian combination founded yet. This fluid doesn’t behave like the typical liquid. When it is poured, it acts li

ke liquid. But whenever a strong force is applied to the fluid, it turns into a solid form. So it can be a great trick to have fun walking in water.

If you have a pool at your home, you can surely try this. Fill the pool with water, and add large amount of cornstarch in it. Your pool is now ready! This fluid will help you run, jump and even dance over it. But do not forget the key rule; as it can really dangerous if you do not apply it.

The only rule for this game is that you have to be moving all the time in order to apply strong force on the oobleck. Otherwise it will not turn into solid form and you may drown.

Do not allow your children for such activity if you feel it unsafe, it can be harmful for them.


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