Want to be happy? Find A Fulfilling Job


We spend our best years working, it is only right to have a pleasant fulfilling  job, right!!

We spend our best years working, it is only right to have a pleasant fulfilling job, right!!

Today, fulfillment from work is everybody’s aspiration. Imagine getting paid for doing something that you so much love,that you would still do it even without getting paid, like T.O.S.L? nothing but happiness.

So how do I find a fulfilling job, you ask.

Here’s how Accept that you are confused. In the developed economies like the UK and USA, the number of career choices available is overwhelmingly high. It may be difficult to just choose one. Accept that you are confused and it is alright to be confused.

Find yourself. Knowing your self is a critical step in choosing a fulfilling career. You must know what makes you happy, how you like doing it and when you do it best. For instance, do you like painting or singing? do you have a talent for it? You may make a long list of choices, cancel out the least fulfilling activities until you have a smaller number of choices, like three.

Take time to think. Do not rush, take time and think on what is best for you. You can write your thoughts down so that decision making can be easier. You can as well talk to a few people, whom you have a close relationship with, they may be of great help. Its an almost philosophy, that your friends know you well. Attend career sermons and talks or even career counselling. Career counselling in London is affordable, so almost every one can seek advice.

Be adventurous and innovative. Try new things now and then, it will help in finding where your interest lies and a Fulfilling Job. You may find a new strong interest of find a better way of doing what you already love

Reflect. Take some more time to reflect. Find out how your interest affects your relationships, how much fulfillment they bring to you. This is important because relationships have great influence on fulfillment and joy. It wouldn’t bring any satisfaction to have job fulfillment and broken relationships.

Confidence, confidence and more confidence. Self confidence will take take you further than any skill. You may find the most fulfilling career but without confidence, you will only achieve average performance, consequently career stagnation and no growth and improvements. Therefore, self confidence is key [mashvideo]

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