Want To Know Dhanush Better? Here Are Some Little Known Facts


Want To Know Dhanush Better? Here Are Some Little Known Facts

No one can deny the fact that Dhanush is one of the most promising actors from South. The man has made a great debut in Bollywood with the super hit film, Raanjhanaa. Before this, he has achieved a great success for the song ‘Kolaveri D’; the song has become popular in foreign countries. Further the star amazed his fans with his natural yet excellent acting in Raanjhanaa and now he is all set to show his magic with the upcoming movie Shamitabh. Recently, the star said in an interview that is his movie will definitely set records.


Readers would be amazed to know that Dhanush is the son of renowned director Kasthuri Raja and the son in law the son-in-law of mega star, Rajinikant. Yet we can surely state that he his humble, kind and the perfect down-to-earth personality.

Do you know why and how the star got the name ‘Dhanush’? Actually, he was not called by this name earlier, which means his actual name is Venkatesh Prabhu Kasthuri Raja that is offered to him by his parents. So how it turned to Dhanush? Reports reveal that Dhanush was the name of one of his stage play character that he opted for, soon before he entered the film industry.

According to reports, when Dhanush made his debut in the South Indian film industry he was only 16 years old. That time the star had to change his name because he shared it with famous southern personalities such as Prabhudeva and Ilaya Thilagam Prabhu. So further in order to create an unique identity for himself,and the star finally decided to convert his name as ‘Dhanush’. Dhanush even revealed that he loved this name from childhood and was always insisting his parents to call him that. However; his desire was fulfilled when he entered the Tamil film Industry.

Everyone has a fixed objectives and goal for the future, even Dhanush had the one. The star had decided in early childhood that he will be a chef. He was highly passionate about his goal and wanted to pursue a course for hotel management. However; his director brother Selvaraghavan forced him to follow a career in the field of acting, direction and production.

Dhanush stated in an interview that when he got to know about his bro’s decision, he cried a lot. However, the star has now understood that his brother was right and he is the only one why Dhanush is standing at such higher position. Further to this, the star made his excellent debut in the Tamil film industry with the movie ‘Thulluvadho Ilamai’ which was directed by his father.

Dhanush became highly popular for his song ‘Kolaveri D’; the song was highly viral over the globe. No one can deny the fact that the song Kolaveri D quickly became everyone’s favorite and also won the YouTube Gold Award.

Do you know an interesting fact about the song? Actually the complete song wasd written in flat six minutes! Isn’t it great? Just after the official release of the song, reports revealed the fact that Dhanush wrote the lyrics of this famous song in just six minutes. The another amazing fact about kolaveri D is that it’s rough version was perfectly sung by Dhanush in just 35 minutes.

Are you excited to know about his love life? Dhanush met his wife Aishwarya at the screening of his film, Kadhal Kondaen and soon after this, the star fell in love with her. Dhanush’s wife is elder than him. Dhanush funnily confessed in the public interview that screening of his movie Aishwarya had sent a bouquet with a message that read, ‘Good work, keep in touch. The star took it very seriously and now they are happily married. Being the true devotee of lord Shiva, the star has named both of his son as Yatra and Linga.

You would be stunned to know that Dhanush doesn’t believe in idol worship, he sincerely feels that Shiva is there is everyone’s soul. If we are connected with our soul, we are connected with our lord.

Dhanush is purely vegetarian and believes that everyone should avoid eating the innocent creatures. You would be happy to know that recently in the year 2011, the star successfully bagged the title of India’s ‘Hottest Vegetarian Celebrity’.

Dhanush even became the leading Brand Ambassador of PETA. So it seems that the man is successfully following the path of renowned personalities like Amitabh Bacchan and Vidya Balan in order to be the vegetarian star of India

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