Watch These Guys Who Climbed El-Capitan, The 3,000-Foot Rock In 19 Days


Watch These Guys Who Climbed El-Capitan, The 3,000-Foot Rock In 19 Days

El Capitan a 3000 feet (900 meter) mountain, made of granite monolith, is situated in Yosemite National Park, which is in the northern side of Yosemite Valley. At one time, it was a challenge to the climbers, until Wayne Merry, George Whitmore and Warren Harding conquered it. There are two faces Southwest and Southeast through which one can climb this mountain but recently a new way, which is quite easier as compare to previous one, was found, it was named as “The Nose”.

Recently two voyagers Tommy CMountain climbingaldwell (36 year old from Colorado) and Kevin Jorgeson (30years old from Santa Rosa) made record by climbing first free ascent of a very difficult section called the Dawn Wall. It took them 6 days to conquer this wall. Their journey completed at 6:00 EST, and a bunch of people (40 friends and 13 reporters) was already waiting for them at the top. They have reached their via an 8 mile (13 kilometer) hike from the backside of the mountain. On the top of the mountain, they celebrated their victory by opening champagne bottles. They spent 19 days on the wall.

“This is not an effort to ‘conquer,'” Jorgeson wrote on his Twitter wall on Tuesday, while he was at 2,000 feet (610 meters) up on the way to El Capitan. “It’s about realizing a dream.” Now the question arises that what is free climbing: One of the common misconception one has in his mind that free climbing is without ropes, it is strictly wrong, it also requires rope, the only difference from conventional climbing is that it includes very less precaution of safety.

Once they reached at the top, they were supposed to talk to the reporters at 11:00 am, Thursday, according to their sponsors Adidas, and Patagonia. After that, they were allowed to talk to their family and friends. Therefore, in the above context, we can say just one thing that if one is having a desire to conquer the world, he can this was just a wall. The desire should be burning in his/her heart to achieve success; the success will automatically follow you.


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