Watch Live video !Are these extinct prehistoric animals still alive today?


Watch Live video !Are these extinct prehistoric animals still alive today?

Generally speaking, the first thing that comes to mind when asking people about prehistoric creatures is the dinosaur.That wondrous chapter in Earth’s prehistoric wildlife inevitably sparks up curiosity as it leaves us thinking of just how it might’ve looked like to have those creatures roaming around in every corner of the planet.(It might’ve looked stunning, but probably not very friendly.)

However, something not all people realize is that some of those ancient animals can still be found and recorded even now. So which are the prehistoric creatures that still exist today? The top prehistoric animals and sea dwellers that are still alive now for people to take pictures and videos of with their digital camera are as follows:

1. The Goblin Shark

A species whose ancestors date back to a considerable 125 million years ago, this terrifying 11-foot shark still exists today in many of the world’s oceans.

2. The Alligator Gar!This not-very-friendly breed of alligator has been around for over 100 million years and certainly doesn’t look like anything people are used to seeing in today’s modern society.

3. The Lamprey!This particular breed of fish continues its existence after about 360 million years of inhabiting some of Earth’s waters. It feeds by using its suctioning mouth to dig into the flesh of other fish and consuming their innards. Scary? We thought so too.This outrageously old species isn’t much like anything people are used to seeing today and is actually studied by scientists as the missing link between fish and whatever came before them.

4. The Solenodon!As the first non-threatening looking creature on this list, the solenodon is actually a rather cute looking animal that moves on land and has continued its existence for approximately 30 million years.How have these little creatures managed to live on for such a long time? The secret is perhaps found in the fact that they would willingly eat just about anything their noses can sniff out. Aside from their venom-injecting teeth that allows them to feed, the solenodon also knows how to
disguise itself to throw off predators.These wild animals have been classified as an endangered species for many years now and to find one today would be quite the rare accomplishment. If you ever have the incredible opportunity of seeing one in person, make sure to bring your best digital camera with HD video to mark the event.

5. Sponges! When it comes to durability and having a long, long history, it’s hard to compete with the simple sea sponge. As new evidence would suggest, a fossilized sea sponge sample has been found within a rock that dates back to a mind-blowing 750 million years ago.For such a simple creature with no brain, 750 million years is indeed a considerably long time to have existed.

The list goes on with more outstanding animals that go way, way back into an era much less known to the human species, but those are our top five picks for this list.A lesson to draw from comparing those creatures with the far more popular dinosaurs would be that perhaps bigger doesn’t always mean better, when it comes to survival.


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