Watch perfect true love story its amazing love story


Watch perfect true love story its amazing love story

If you have ever wondered what a real life “Lady and the Tramp” looks like, this home-made video shows Lady as a cockatoo and Tramp as an Alaskan Malamute. In this case, however, the love is not so clearly in the air. The first moment of the cockatoo feeding the dog is an emotional sharing affair, where the spaghetti is in the mouth of each animal at the same time, and both seem willing to give up their part of the food for the other.

The next sessions of feeding, on the other hand, seem like an intense fight for food between two animals from different worlds, who have lost their love for each other. Every time the cockatoo brings a spaghetti near the dog and proceeds to eat, Tramp has no doubts in jumping and quickly taking everything from poor Lady. The cockatoo cannot avoid showing surprise, for its loved one has engaged it in a dangerous abusive relationship. Let’s hope that these two animals find their common ground and get to feeding each other once more!


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