Watch the Largest Dump Truck in the world


Watch the Largest Dump Truck in the world

You might have seen many pickup trucks around you, but this is one the biggest pickup truck you would ever see. It is known as the Liebherr T 284. It is the biggest Dump Truck manufactured by Liebherr Mining equipment Co. It is mostly used in Mining areas to lift ores to the refineries. It is manufactured at company’s production facility in Newport News, Virginia, USA.

The truck payload capacity of this vehicle is up to 400 short tons ( 363 t). The gross truck weight is 661 ton. This huge truck is around 32 feet wide and and 52 feet long with a height of around 27 feet. It is powered by a powertrain which can be diesel or electric. It uses a Cummins QSK 78 lt, 3500-4000 horsepower engine coupled to a Litronics Plus AC electric drive system. It is so huge that it can’t be driven on public roads and needs to be shipped in component form at the working site for assembly. It is no wonder that one of the biggest vehicle on the earth needs one of the biggest tires of size around 8 feet each. The vehicle is customisable and customers can request a change in Engine and Powertrain specifications according to their needs. The most surprising part is its Lightweight Design which had been made possible by its Lightweight Frame.

The Litronic Plus technology developed and built by Liebherr is a very efficient loading system which minimises the fuel consumption. The components of the truck are made from high grade metal which wears less over time. It also employs system for intelligent power usage. This truck is designed to be safe and comfortable for environment as well as the operators. It also employs automatic warning system. The company claims it to be a low emission, fuel efficient, low sound or quiet-truck. According to Liebherr Mining, it is on its way to manufacture the largest truck in the world. This would be a modification to the T 284 model.[mashvideo]

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