Watch The Most Inventive, Hilarious Skateboard Tricks you never before seen


Watch The Most Inventive, Hilarious Skateboard Tricks you never before seen

Out of all the cool physical activities that there are to do in the world, skateboarding has to be one of the best. Richie Jackson really puts a new spin on skateboarding with his insanely talented stunts and brave undertakings when it comes to skateboarding. Globally known as the Jackie Chan of skateboarding, Richie Jackson really shows an exceptional amount of skill in his Death Skateboard videos, doing stunts ranging from riding down tremendous spiral staircases to riding caution signs down a slope. He is by far a master at what he does and is known for being a superb inspiration to many skateboarders around the world.

The thirty-year-old skateboard trailblazer was born in Auckland, New Zealand and has been taking the world on an awesome skateboarding journey with his amazing videos. He has taking skateboarding to a whole new level with his Death Skateboard videos and the skateboarding fans of the world are literally going mad wondering how he does things like riding a yellow plastic barricade down the handrails of a huge set of spiraled stairs.

Some people revere him as being nothing out of the ordinary, but most view his style as unique and creative as can be. Just because a persons tricks aren’t done at thirty to fifty feet in the air doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t extremely talented. In fact it takes more skill to be able to do half of the things that this guys does than it will ever take to ride on a skateboard using the momentum to get up and nail the highest trick you possibly can.

Many of his “haters” are only bashing on him because they can’t do what he does, they could never be him. I personally think that is the aim of his game, being undeniably unique with that seventies style and hard to beat persona as well as pulling the most out there tricks in the skateboarding world.

You seriously have to check out what I am talking about:[mashvideo]

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