Watch the video ‘Eve Teasing a Girl Backfires’


Watch the video ‘Eve Teasing a Girl Backfires’

See how a girl reacts to put the nasty fellow in place! The video is a call to action. No rule or order can completely wash away the menace from a men-centric society like ours unless every woman rises up and fight back. ‘Eve Teasing a Girl Backfires’ features a girl who is frequently harassed by a man in a public place.

The girl fires back in a very contrasting way. She along with her friends teases the same man and put him down with embasement to show how does it feel when people annoy you with sexual remarks or gestures. ‘Eve Teasing a Girl Backfires’ is a humble try to think from the girls’ side. The video ‘Eve Teasing a Girl Backfires’ refers to the right to move of every woman, no matter whether it is a public place or private space; day or night.


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