Watch this Guy Murder his iPhone 6 with Molten Aluminum, a Hammer and a Welding Flame


Watch this Guy Murder his iPhone 6 with Molten Aluminum, a Hammer and a Welding Flame

The iPhone 6 !Without a doubt, the iPhone 6 is one of the most advanced pieces of technology in the markets these days. The newest brand from Apple comes equipped with a bigger screen, better cameras, improved battery life as well as boosted processors for more power output. The sleek design of this smartphone is simply breathtaking and is without question the thinnest of them all.

Its features address the limitation of its predecessors since it is far much easier to use in landscape mode. In addition to having great audio features, the iPhone 6 has a strong multi-touch screen that can withstand plenty of damage. But how does this particular iphone fare against molten Aluminum? Well, you better read on to find out how this guy treats his brand new iphone 6.

Pouring Molten Aluminum over iPhone 6 !Why anybody would mistreat such a beautiful phone is beyond comprehension. But then again, there is absolutely nothing wrong with pouring molten aluminum over an iPhone 6. In this YouTube video, our star showcases his absolutely gorgeous iphone and for sure, it is in perfect condition. By using a mini furnace to melt down a few soda cans, he bottles a small amount of hot molten aluminum.

After laying the Smartphone on the table, the stage is all set for this amazing trick of iPhone 6. Without further ado, the guy pours molten aluminum on the screen which instantaneously bursts into flames. Surprisingly, the iPhone 6 withstands this brutal onslaught for a few minutes. Even as the local damage of the aluminum grays the screen, some icons are still clearly visible. Finally, the iPhone 6 succumbs to the abuse, and the screen goes blank as the molten aluminum quickly solidifies. As if the torture was not enough, the guy pummels the iphone with a hammer that breaks into the screen and then proceeds to set a welding flame to the back of the already dead iphone. We are still not sure what the smart phone did to piss the dude off like that, but whatever it was, it has made for a brilliant phone murdering video. There are plenty of more videos that feature the iphone 6 being passed through a series of highly destructive situations. Be sure to catch them all.[mashvideo]

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