Waterfall Covao do Conchos (Hell’s Well)


Amazing Facts Of Beautiful Waterfalls : See The Amazing Covao do Conchos Which Is Called Hell’s Well, By The Locals

Waterfall Covão do Conchos (Hell’s Well)

Traveling and site seeing is probably a hobby everyone can resonate with. The earth is a very beautiful place. If you’re looking to find out of the most amazing places to visit on the planet then you might want to consider visiting the amazing waterfall that is found in Portugal.

This waterfall, unlike many others is a site to behold it’s not comparable to many pictures of waterfalls that you might have come across. It’s one of the most famous waterfalls you’ll probably ever see in your life and it might just be the coolest most amazing thing in nature.

Those who’ve visited this place can never stop talking about it and not hurt than,the pictures taken of the amazing site are the type you may want to share with all your friends and family, revisiting the place each and every time you look at them.

drone view of Covão do Conchos (Hell’s Well)Sometimes referred to as the well to hell, the Covão do Conchos resembles the mouth or entrance to an abyss as most people have like calling it.

Despite the scary name, nearly everyone who visits the place finds the serenity and calmness of the waterfall to be quite a wonderful experience.People are encouraged to ware shoes with grip, or anything that won’t slip easily because walking on the rocks around the opening night be dangerous as the rocks are usually slippery.

One of the amazing facts about this beautiful waterfall is that the breathtaking experience is mostly present during winter because this is the time water flows in large amounts. People are therefore encouraged to visit this spectacular site during winter rather than the summer time when no water can be seen flowing. The dam, which was built in 1955 is part of the Conchos Lake.It consists of a tunnel that stretches 4,984 feet long. The most interesting thing about this dam is that the hole on the dam gives an optical illusion of an extremely deep opening making it seem like one of the most dangerous waterfalls in the world. The scenery is pretty amazing, one that will make you feel as though your in another world or just on the threshold of one. The word Conchos, which means gateway to hell, is therefor pretty suitable for the waterfall. However it’s not as scary as it may seem since the actual depth is viable using a drone. Nevertheless, the scarier it looks the more fun and the more tourists it attracts. If you are a lover of amazing waterfalls this is one you defiantly want to add to your list of places to visit.


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