WB Ration Dealership Application form

A How-to guide to applying for West Bengal Ration Dealership and Fair Price Shops(5 min. read)

This article contains all the details about the recent announcement by the govt. of West Bengal. This announcement contains data about the ration dealership and the Fair Price Shops(FPS) in West Bengal.

WB Ration Dealership Application form

WB Ration Dealership Application form

So, if you are a citizen of West Bengal and keen to get its dealership about them then read this article till the end. WB Ration Dealership Application form

However, to apply for this recruitment you must fill in eligibility criteria and know about the terms and conditions of this dealership. If you agree with these terms

& conditions and fill in eligibility then you must fill in the West Bengal ration dealership application form.

The objective of this announcement is to make the citizens independent by owning an FPS of their own.

How can I become a ration dealer in West Bengal?


Fair Price Shops or FPS are shops which are licensed by the government to issue essential commodities. FPS can be found everywhere in your state. Every state has its own eligibility criteria to get a license for these FPS.

For the state of West Bengal, the eligibility criteria are as follows:-

  • The applicant should be a citizen of West Bengal.
  • He/She should be min. 10th pass.
  • Dimension for the shop should be – 5m X 3m X 3m. (One shutter or door only allowed).
  • Applicant must fill the economic criteria(Bank balance as required).
  • Age must not be less than 18 years or more than 60 years.

WB Ration Dealership Application form TERMS AND CONDITIONS

To get the ration dealership of West Bengal 2022, before applying you must read the terms and conditions for doing so.

  • You should have an online system to update and install ration cardholders’ details, stock, etc….
  • He/She must be eligible to speak and write in the local language.
  • A warehouse is required to store the food.
  • If there is a need to have space for storage, warehouse, godowns you should have its lease agreement paper with you.


Follow the given procedure to apply for the license to get the ration dealership in West Bengal 2022.

  • Go to the official website of the Food and Supplies Department of West Bengal.
  • The website will open on a new page.
  • On the first page, there will be a Services section.
  • In that section, click on the PDS LICENSING option.
  • A small section will appear on the screen.
  • On that section, click on Apply for New Fair Price Shop.
  • A new page will appear before you.
  • On the page, Enter your mobile number and click on GET OTP.
  • On the new page that appears, submit the OTP and click on Proceed.
  • A new page will appear.
  • On the page, there are lists where one can open an FPS.
  • Based on your requirement choose one and click on APPLY NOW.
  • On the new page, choose one of the options in the section “YOU WANT TO APPLY IN THE CAPACITY OF”.
  • Enter your name and click on proceed to next.
  • Similarly, fill in all the stages and click on the submit option.
  • You have successfully applied for the West Bengal FPS online.

WB Ration Dealership Application form DOWNLOAD here


WB Ration Dealership Application form

WB Ration Dealership Application form


To apply for the West Bengal Ration Dealership form one must fulfill its eligibility criteria which are as follows:-

  • He/She must be a permanent resider of the State.
  • He/She should fill the dimension criteria for the shop which is mentioned above in the article.
  • A computer system should also be present that stores the data of ration cardholders and the stock.


The amount required to pay at the time of registration include:

  • Security charges along with stamp duties charge.
  • License fees Rs.400/- or as defined by the authorities.

The purpose of this article is to provide valuable information to the readers. All the information shared is true to our knowledge. However, if there are any doubts then you can ask in the comment section and we will be happy to help.

Thank you for reading this article!!!


Do you want to get the dealership of the FPS in West Bengal? If YES then click on the link immediately to know full information about how to do so.

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