What a Touching and Amazing Siberian Tiger Release


What a Touching and Amazing Siberian Tiger Release

Tiger is a one of protected species. From its 10 subspecies, there were 3 subspecies extinct and only the rest subspecies which can survive until now. The Siberian Tiger which is also known as the Amur Tiger belongs to this subspecies; Panthera Tigris Altaica. Now, only 400 are left in this world. Among the story about tiger, do you still remember Zolushka? The Siberian Tiger with her Incredibly Rare Siberian Tiger Release video which reached more than 8 million views in Youtube and the star of International Workshop on the Rehabilitation and Reintroduction of Large Carnivores which held in Moscow. Zolushka is Russian name for Cinderella. As the name given, Zolushka was rescued when she was a cub from her bad life and environment. She was rehabilitated by IFAW, the International Fund for Animal Welfare which worked with some partners in Russia.

Zolushka made the most incredibly rare Siberian Tiger release because she showed her instinct to survive and fight. When you watch the video, you will see that the automatic door was error. The IFAW officers were scared and just can hope a miracle happened. In the cage, Zolushka got up and she seemed realizing that there was a chance for her to leave the cage. Then finally, the door was open. Zolushka with her great instinct as a wild and strong carnivore run out of the cage with such a great power and big jump. Totally, it was a very beautiful creature with an amazing performance ever.

Now, it has been more than 2 years after her release. Zolushka did her job very well in her wild habitat. She can find her mate and now she has 2 cubs! This is a good sign for the growth of Siberian Tiger population. Zolushka also proved that a cub which rehabilitated by human being still can have a good ability to adapt and survive in their own habitat after being released.[mashvideo]

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