What Is Google Inbox & How It Can Make Your Professional Life Easy


What Is Google Inbox & How It Can Make Your Professional Life Easy

Recently Google has launched an Email app for the android, ios, and Google chrome browser. The app is named as ‘Google Inbox’. Some other web platforms are being planned for the app. Initially, the users can access the inbox through invitations only.

Google Inbox

Soon after you login to Google inbox, the Google will scan for Email account for important and similar information. Then the Google will scan and present the most important part of the Email. Google inbox is the app designed with a lot of productivity boosting features. If you are currently using the Google products at your work place then you will soon experience an effective change in your professional life.

If you often forget about your important mails, Google inbox has brought a perfect solution for you. You will surely love the ‘Pin Feature’ of Google inbox. This feature will put the most important Email in the center. The Mail will be there in center until you unpin it. Google inbox has also introduced a function that will only display the pinned Emails.

We get irritate while waiting for the Email to open when we just want to see the attachments present in it. Google inbox has the solution for this. Inbox will actually show you what the attachments are about. The great app will allow you to directly open the attachments without opening the mail. The attachments may have the documents like pictures, files, Excel spread sheet and presentations.

Are you the one who hates the cluttered inbox?

The Google has introduced a lot of features to arrange all the mails accordingly. It has got the function that will automatically undergo the bundling of all the Emails and will sort all the Emails into proper category. The Google inbox has included the built in categories such as Finance, travel, purchase and update. It also allows you to create your own category for respective Emails as per your requirement. The bundle feature will allow the emails of same category to appear together in your inbox.

Do you often forget to answer the important Emails?

If this is the case, Google inbox can really help you. The Google has designed the magical ‘Snooze Feature’. Sometimes it becomes really hectic to answer the Emails at the inconvenient time. The snooze feature will help you to schedule the mail come back again later. What you need to do is just to click at the clock icon and pick the time when you wish to answer the respective Email. Soon after this the Mail will disappear from the inbox and will again blink at the time when you are ready to answer it.

These were some information regarding the cool features of Google inbox. Google always tries its best to design the efficient applications; such apps can help you to run your professional life perfectly. For more Updates regarding recent applications and gadgets keep visiting Media24by7.

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