What really happens when a 5 year old falls into a gorilla cage?


What really happens when a 5 year old falls into a gorilla cage?

Well, in some cases, the gorilla pets him.In this rather overwhelming video of zoo animals, a gorilla protected a 5 year old boy who accidentally fell of a 3.5 meter high wall in his “space”, in Jersey Zoo in England. Jumbo the gorilla, who is the ultimate star of the video, became famous for the tenderness he showed to the child and broke the myth that gorillas are always wild and dangerous. The incident happened one typical Sunday in August 1986, when the Merritt family decided to visit the zoo.

The living area of the gorillas was fenced with a wall, 3.5 meters high. Around that wall the guests of the zoo assembled to watch and enjoy the gorillas in their so-called “natural” habitat. The Merritt family approached the area but little Levan was unable to see, so his father raised him to the wall and put him to sit on the edge in order to take a good look at the gorillas who by this point were gathering underneath.

Unfortunately, the 5 year old boy lost his balance and fell into a concrete path. His parents began screaming in panic when they saw their beloved child unconscious with blood running from his head. Nady, a female gorilla, with her young were already approaching the helpless Levan.

However, Jumbo got in the way and forbade them of hurting the child. After that, the gorilla moved toward the boy and sat next to him as a guard, while looking at his little face with curiosity. After a while, with the crowd in utter panic, Levan regained his consciousness and facing the gorillas, started crying. The gorillas were shocked and scared by the sound and went away leaving enough time to the guards of the zoo to collect the child. So, all’s well that ends well, but Jumbo with his protective nature changed forever our idea for the infamous wild animal’s aggression. Enjoy!


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