WhatsApp On Your PC: You May Soon Enjoy Official “WhatsApp Web”


WhatsApp On Your PC: You May Soon Enjoy Official “WhatsApp Web”Enjoy Official "WhatsApp Web"

Are you looking for the ways to use WhatsApp on you r desktop? Chill, it seems like WhatsApp may solve this problem and reaching to your personal computer.

WhatsApp has not made any official announcements yet. In an interview, Pavel Durov, the head of Telegram said that WhatsApp is planning to launch a web version and the service will allow users to connect their mobile chats with their computer. Durov added “They tried to hire our web dev,”.

WhatsApp uses the phone number to verify and authenticate the user while setting up a new account. For the web version of Facebook-owned application, it is expected that it will sign you in the same way. To use this web app, users will receive a code on the registered phone number. By using the code, WhatsApp will verify your identity and sync your data between you’re your computer and phone. There are many apps currently running in the same way.

Recent WhatsApp update has caught our attention because “WhatsApp Web” is mentioned in the code. It looks like WhatsApp might be bringing its messaging service to the web.

What do you think if WhatsApp launches a web version? Let us know in the comments below.

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