When Animal Attacks on Human watch video


When Animal Attacks on Human watch video

This video is a remarkable compilation of animals, both wild and domesticated, attacking humans. The initial clip shows a huge wild boar leap out of the undergrowth onto a hunter. The hunter manages to push the boar to the side and shoots as the clip ends. The second clip shows a male lion charging at frightening speed towards a group of hunters armed with rifles. He leaps straight into one of them before charging off in a barrage of shots. This clip is repeated at slow motion so that we can see the true strength of the lion and the luck of the hunter who was attacked.Two humorous clips follow as we see a man repeatedly butted by an angry sheep and then a camel clamping down on the arm of a tourist who has spent too long in its personal space.

Next is a cute (but slightly disturbing) clip of a baby crawling in front of a lion at a zoo, the two separated only by the glass of the lion’s enclosure. The lion is clearly incensed at seeing such a tasty morsel just out of its reach.Then we see a bull in a bullfight arena leaping into a crowd and sending spectators running for their lives.The final clip is a hilarious confrontation between a fisherman and a kangaroo … but I’m going to let you see that for yourself so as not to spoil the fun of the outcome!


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