Who knew? 15 Surprising Facts About Amitabh Bachchan You Won’t Believe


Who knew? 15 Surprising Facts About Amitabh Bachchan You Won’t Believe

We all agree to the fact that Mr. Amitabh is one of the most popular and versatile actors in Indian cinema. Everybody knows a lot of things about his life and career. However, Media24by7 is offering you a chance to explore something special about your favorite star. We are listing  some uncommon, unknown facts about Amitabh Bachchan, you will definitely enjoy reading:


  1. We work in order to get a wealthy salary in return. You will be surprised to know that Amitabh got his first salary Rs.300 only. However, through his hard work, he has become the second richest man of Indian Film Industry.
  2. Amitabh made his debut with ‘Saat hindustani’. However, the movie was not a great commercial hit, but Amitabh’s acting was appreciated all over the country.
  3. According to some reports, When Amitabh was in his struggling phase of life, he considered Mehmood as his mentor and well wisher. When Amitabh was new in Mumbai, Mehmood helped him by offering a room at his own house.
  4. Even Amitabh has seen failure in some phases of his life; the man gave 12 flop movies before working in the blockbuster ‘Zanzeer’.
  5. His actual surname is Shrivastav. You would be amazed to know that his father, Mr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan has adopted the pen name ‘Bachchan’. So the family is now known as ‘Bachchan’.
  6. You would not believe for the first time when you know that the Bollywood megastar Mr. Amitabh has now turned to the age of 72. Still the actor is firm on his bright and sparkling acting skills.
  7. You would be stunned to know that Big B can write equally beautiful from both hands. Remember the ‘Viru Sahastrabuddhe’ of three idiots? Yes same like that Mr. Amitabh is well trained at writing from right and left hand as well.
  8. Amitabh made his debut in the Indian film industry in the year 1969. You would be amazed to know that the man started his career as a voice narrator in movie ‘Bhuvan Shome’. The movie was directed and produced by Mrinal Sen. Further the man became famous with his excellent Narrations in movies. Amitabh’s narration in the film ‘Shatranj k khiladi’ was highly appreciated by audiences and critics as well.
  9. Earlier, Amitabh wanted to be an engineer; however his family members wanted him to join Indian Air Force.
  10. The man, renowned for his baritone, was initially rejected by All India Radio. However, the AIR team further tried a lot to work with him but Amitabh denied.
  11. Sunil Dutt signed Amitabh for a mute’s role in the movie ‘Reshma Aur Shera’. This was because of the letter of introduction from then Indira Gandhi to her dear friend Nargis.
  12. Amitabh once served as a judge in Miss World Beauty Pageant. He appeared as judge in the year 1995.
  13. Amitabh is also known for playing excellent double roles in the movie. The man has played more double roles than any other actor has ever done.
  14. Amitabh’s daughter is married to Mr. Nikhil Nanda. Nikhil’s mother is late Raj kapoor’s daughter.
  15. Amitabh is suffering from rare muscular disorder. The disease is also known as Myasthenia Gravis.

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