Why Do We Love Seeing Girls Fail?


Why Do We Love Seeing Girls Fail?

If you aren’t one of the millions of people raving over the “Ultimate Girls Fail Compilation” videos that have been popularized, you are surely one of the few. In fact, I urge you to watch it this very second. No, it is not because I am sexiest and revel in the pain of females, but I, like the majority of humans, love entertainment. “Ultimate Girls Fail Compilation” is not about lowering the standards of women or any other hyper-political nonsense that people seem to garner about the video. It is about good, clean fun.

If you can get through the video without one laugh, I applaud you but also think you should seek help because this video is naturally hilarious. It’s innocent slapstick revolving around the clumsiness, and often times stupidity, of these featured girls. It’s old fashion entertainment and in no way is it meant to demean any gender. Men get themselves in “fail” situations all the time, but this video happens to be a compilation of women. So just watch it for the sake of fun and thank me later.


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