A Husband captured photo of wife on her digital camera cell phone Leads To Divorce


A Husband captured photo of wife on her digital camera cell phone Leads To Divorce

A loving husband returned home after 20 long days away from his wife and could not wait for some warm and good loving. Because he had not seen his wife in such a long time (20 days is a really long time to be away from your lover) his wife obviously looked way hotter than the last time he had seen her and was ready to show her just how much he had missed her. Before getting into the real action he felt he needed to capture the moment and decided to take a photo of his life partner posing on the bed just to keep the memory of how hot his wife looked when he returned to her. Whatever happened later in the night I’ll leave it to your imagination!!!

Days later still obsessed with his wife’s hot looks, he couldn’t stop staring at the photo but alas! he saw something that would make anyone change their Facebook status from ‘married’ to ‘forever single’. He couldn’t believe it first and zoomed in!! It was right there clear as day, the side guy was hiding under the bed and the fool was stupid enough to peep and get caught on camera!!! Oooh how painful? His beautiful and loving wife had been cheating on him!!! Obviously he was the only one excited about his return home what a lying b**ch??
What happens in the dark must come to the lights and luckily for him he was only caught on camera otherwise he would have faced some serious action. Another marriage wrecked thanks to side lovers. If you want to check out the photo yourself check out this .

This unfortunately is just one of the many cases of cheating in society. Morals standards are at an all time low and cases of cheating husbands and wives are now normal everyday occurrences that they no longer raise eyebrows. This has led to some very enterprising people to start businesses that help people to investigate cheating spouses and probably hope they are being cheated on in order to make a kill from the ensuing divorce settlement. Adverts like ‘How to find out if your husband is cheating’ are filling ad spaces of both print and digital media not to mention a reality television series ‘cheaters’ that is based on this. The institution of marriage is getting weaker and weaker each passing day. However, this shouldn’t discourage you from getting married, if you find somebody you love marry them, love them until they cheat on you!!!!


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