Wild Animal Attacks – Crocodile Attacks Lion


Most amazing wild animal attacks – Crocodile Attacks Lion real fight

Two most dangerous predators of the nature, one who rules the land and the one who rules the water. Lion and crocodile are the predators that don’t have any alliance as they do not cross the imaginary lines to keep them away from each other. Most of the time, crocodile spend in the water and eye its prey without giving any chance of escape. On the other hand, Lion captures its prey on the land. It is not common when they both come against each other but the ecosystem that we live in and our dependency on water make the encounter possible.

Lion came to cross the river without the knowledge of another predator under the water. It takes the first step with confidence and crossed half of it and suddenly crocodile attacked the lion. The leg of the lion was in the jaws of the crocodile but lions are known for the energy and the alertness which saves its life from the jaws of death.Without wasting any time, the lion crossed the river and will be a lesson. Crocodile went back to the position in a hope to get its prey again with the time. There are other videos in which the fight can be seen on the bank of the river where both of them showing their superiority and wants to own the piece. Both are roaring but knew there is no use to fight as they are aware of the power the other predator possesses.

In another chapter, the jaguar wins the fight by drowning the crocodile in the water. In the video, it can be seen that they both were judging the situation and were moving in the circle. Nobody wants to attack first as it can be the first move to death. With the time, the jaguar moves with the killing instincts and tried to grab the crocodile with the tail.

The crocodile moved quickly and put its jaws around the neck of the jaguar. The move was lethal as it gave no chance for a crocodile to counter and ends with the blood. Jaguar uses the situation in its favor and tried to put the neck in the water as crocodile can’t breathe in the water for a long time. It happened in such quick session and jaguar conquered the water and will have its food with the win.


Source: VS Documentary HD

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